GPR Green Park Residences Ltd is a Cyprus registered developer currently working on the development of The Courtyard, a private, gated community in Nicosia.

The Courtyard is an extraordinary residential development aiming to create a safe, secure and serene living environment.

GPR shareholders and directors (the sponsors) comprise a multi-talented group of experts in the development and finance fields, with significant combined experience in real estate and promoting projects in Cyprus and internationally.

The Project concept was developed and designed by the architect in close liaison with the sponsors.

George Mouskides

George Mouskides, chairman of the Cyprus Association of Property Owners, and the general manager of FOX Property Group is also a shareholder and director of GPR. FOX will be the sales manager of the project. FOX is one of the largest estate agencies and property managers in Cyprus, with 7 offices across Cyprus and a workforce of more than 70 people.

Jad Wakil

Jad Wakil, a Lebanese national, is the general manager of Mouflon Investment Fund, a fund which is licensed and regulated by Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC). Mouflon has invested in numerous buildings in Cyprus with investments in excess of €30 million. Jad, an engineer by education, is also a shareholder and director of GPR.

Miranda Stylianaki

Miranda Stylianaki is a licensed real estate agent, with over 14 years of experience in the industry and a vast portfolio of properties both in Cyprus and the UK. She is also an international public speaker and a Director of GPR.

Our team has invested significant amounts of time and energy into the development of concept and design of the Project. We are enormously proud to present this unique proposition to the future residents of The Courtyard, for living in an eco-friendly, green, tranquil and secure environment.


Demetris Krentos Architects LLC

Demetris Krentos is a UK qualified architect with 36 years of experience both in London and Cyprus and was previously an Associate at T P Bennett Partnership London dealing with large multimillion pound projects. His clientele includes many local and foreign individuals and companies including but not limited to Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd, Minerva Insurance, Prime Insurance and Cyprus Football Association.

K. Athienitis Contractors Ltd

A leading company in the real estate and construction industry in Cyprus with numerous landmark buildings. The company is registered as an A – Class Contractor with over 60 years of presence and excellence in the field. K. Athienitis operates in cooperation with GPR as the contractor, sales manager, shareholder, and director.

Akl Architects
Nayla M. Al-Akl

Nayla M. Al-Akl is a Landscape Architect and Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at the American University of Beirut (AUB). She has worked on a number of landscape architecture, planning and urban design projects in the US, China and the Middle East and served as director of the Beirut office for the international landscape and planning firm SWA Group, prior to joining AUB. Nayla holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the American University of Beirut and a Master of Landscape Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design.



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